“Julie Becker: I must create a Master Piece to pay the Rent”

“Encompassing installations, sculpture, drawings, photographs, and video, staged photography, and drawing, her oeuvre offers a disjointed, but nevertheless potent narrative of desperate lives in 1990s Los Angeles.”

L.A.-based artist Julie Becker, who died at age 43 in 2016, created a heterogeneous body of work that now seems to anticipate the output of certain internet-savvy artists working today, among them Samara Golden and Bunny Rogers. Encompassing installation, sculpture, drawing, video, and photography, and blending story lines taken from real life, movies, and her imagination, Becker’s oeuvre offers an episodic, yet nevertheless potent narrative—in which a gritty 1990s Los Angeles is both backdrop and central character—of precarious lives in late 20th-century America.