The Arts Company

Fresh. Original. Contemporary.

The Arts Company is a primary arts destination in Downtown Nashville—since 1996–representing artwork by artists from emerging to legendary, in photography, painting, and sculpture. Presenting 12 exhibitions each year; collaboration with other galleries statewide; partnering with 5th Avenue of the Arts District to produce the First Saturday Art Crawl Downtown; and specializing in full-service artistic resources for businesses and individuals.

Image Captions

1: View of inside The Arts Company first level gallery, image courtesy of Bob Schatz; 2: View of the upstairs gallery lobby, image courtesy of Bob Schatz; 3: View of outside The Arts Company, image courtesy of Bob Schatz; 4: Fragments 3, Jan Chenoweth 5: Community, Tiffany Ownbey 6: Neighborhood Watch, Bob Durham 7: Alien Disco Inferno, Denise Stewart-Sanabria 8: An End, A Beginning, Mandy Rogers Horton 9: Ode to Spring, Brad Sells