MOCA LA director Philippe Verne recommends three shows in Los Angeles [posted 2/27/2018]

“I love it when I go to an exhibition and see art I don’t know and maybe don’t even understand.”

“The Pain of Others” ***NOW CLOSED***
through March 3, 2018
Ghebaly Gallery

“Andy Robert-LAKOU: One Two Five ”
through February 28, 2018 ***NOW CLOSED***
Hannah Hoffman

“Artists of Color”
through April 1, 2018
The Underground Museum

I just saw a beautiful small group exhibition called “The Pain of Others”at François Ghebaly’s gallery, organized by the young Paris-based curator Myriam Ben Salah. It’s a show about the erosion of bodies. For me, the centerpiece of the exhibition was a work by Aria Dean that I found really striking. It consists of two bales of cotton bound together with an industrial belt. It looks like a minimalist object, but at the same time it is redolent of a particular history. There was also a great piece by Arthur Jafa, as well as works by a number of artists I wasn’t familiar with. I love it when I go to an exhibition and see art I don’t know and maybe don’t even understand. It made my day.

Aria Dean, Two Cotton Bales Bound Together At 250lbs Each, 2018, raw cotton, ratchet e-strap system, 53 x 44 x 22 inches. Courtesy of the artist and Ghebaly Gallery. Photo: Brica Wilcox.

I would also recommend the young painter Andy Robert’s solo exhibition at Hannah Hoffman.

Andy Robert, Check II Check, 2017, oil and pencil on linen, 138 x 75 inches. Courtesy of the artist and Hannah Hoffman Gallery, Los Angeles.

Finally, I encourage everyone to go to the Underground Museum to see “Artists of Color,” a show conceived by the museum’s co-founder Noah Davis before he died in 2015, at age 32. It’s a wonderful, moving, tongue-in-cheek exhibition of works chosen from MOCA LA’s collection.

Installation view of “Artists of Color,” May 2017 – April 1, 2018, The Underground Museum, Los Angeles, with works by Donald Judd, left, and Underground Museum co-founder Noah Davis. Courtesy of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. Photo by L n’ S Photo Services.