George Adams Gallery

Specializing in art from the California Bay Area, as well as figurative painting, 1950 to the present. Representing major artists’ estates along with contemporary artists, the gallery program combines historically important and recent artworks in a critical context.

Specializing in Figurative Art and California/Bay Area Painting and Sculpture, 1950 to the present.

Founded 1952

The George Adams Gallery traces its origin to the Allan Frumkin Gallery, founded in Chicago in 1952 and New York in 1959. George Adams’ association with the New York gallery began in 1980, when Mr. Adams and Mr. Frumkin formed a partnership, Frumkin/Adams Gallery, in 1988. Upon Mr. Frumkin’s retirement in 1995, the gallery assumed its present identity of George Adams Gallery. In 2005, after 46 years on 57th Street, the gallery relocated to West 26th Street in Chelsea.