Vermont Artisan Designs

Fine art and contemporary American craft.
Entering the New Year, Vermont Artisan Designs is pleased to feature a couple of new artists — oil painters Jocelyn Sandor Urban and Robert Steinem. Steinem’s crisp paintings capture a variety of nature, architectural and reflective themes. Urban, noted for her equine paintings, also paints a variety of landscapes including wonderful ski mountainscapes. Other new artists at the gallery include Kate Beetle, Julie Y Baker Albright, Craig Mooney, Stefan Postuhov, Susan Abbott,  and Robert Carsten.  They join, among others, Paul G. Stone, potters Jean Meinhardt and Beth Armour, and silversmith Ann D. Kearney. You’re always welcome to visit the gallery and see the new work that has come in and/or take a look at our website, We wish you a wonderful year with family, friends and art. And, remember, you’re invited to stop by the gallery when you’re in Vermont!

Image Captions

  1. Hydrangeas and Strawberries, an oil painting by Julie Y Baker Albright, at Vermont Artisan Designs
  2. Dublin Pond -- Russet and Gray, an oil painting by Kate Beetle, at Vermont Artisan Designs
  3. Porcelain vessels in black and white by Beth Armour at Vermont Artisan Designs
  4. Vessels in porcelain by Jean Meinhardt at Vermont Artisan Designs
  5. Polar Bear at Stratton Mountain, an oil painting by Jocelyn Sandor Urban, available through Vermont Artisan Designs
  6. The Stretch, an oil painting by Jocelyn Sandor Urban, at Vermont Artisan Designs
  7. Left Hanging, an oil painting by Robert Steinem, at Vermont Artisan Designs
  8. Harmony of Silos, an oil painting by Paul G. Stone, at Vermont Artisan Designs