Vermont Artisan Designs

Fine art and contemporary American craft.
The times are changing! For the past couple of months, the gallery was closed due to sheltering in place orders from our governor. We’ve just reopened and are happy that it’s spring in Vermont. For those who plan to visit our state (and for those who are already here!) we’re taking special precautions to protect you and us. In addition to some wonderful artwork and fine craft, you’ll find hand sanitizer, gloves if you like, masks and plenty of room for social distancing. Featured work includes new paintings by Julia Eva Bacon, Jocelyn Sandor Urban, Paul G. Stone, Robert Carsten, John Dimick, Robert Steinem, Appel Bronstein and Julie Y Baker Albright. If you need a new look for your home office or a reminder that creativity has not stopped, you’re invited to stop by or take a look at our website, We look forward to seeing you and hearing that you’re well and safe. Open daily 12-4pm and by appointment.

Image Captions

  1. Amber Sky over Mountain by Craig Mooney at Vermont Artisan Designs
  2. Sterling silver bracelet by Ann D. Kearney at Vermont Artisan Designs
  3. Winter Days by Jacqueline Jones at Vermont Artisan Designs
  4. Great Blue Heron by Julia Eva Bacon at Vermont Artisan Designs
  5. Hydrangeas and Strawberries by Julie Y Baker Albright at Vermont Artisan Designs
  6. Biplane by Karl Johnson at Vermont Artisan Designs
  7. Going for the Gold by John Dimick at Vermont Artisan Designs
  8. Ice Out by Robert Carsten at Vermont Artisan Designs
  9. Kidderbrook Cut by Jocelyn Sandor Urban at Vermont Artisan Designs