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Annual Edition

The Art in America Guide to Museums, Galleries, and Artists is the most comprehensive national directory of galleries, artists, dealers, consultants, museums, and nonprofit spaces available.

The A.i.A. Guide was first published in 1982, making our most recent issue, our 40th anniversary edition of this much-loved art world publication.

This also marks our final edition of the print publication. We’re taking the momentum of this milestone to evolve our digital platform. Looking ahead, the Art in America Guide will be a more interactive resource for the art industry, and our community of museums, galleries, art schools, nonprofits, and art dealers that have been part of Art in America for decades.  More on that coming soon!

Art in America Guide Calendar

Participation includes the ability to post events, exhibitions, art fair participation, and cultural programming on our calendar.

Digital Listing

Your subscription also includes a corresponding digital listing on ArtinAmericaGuide.com that can be customized with your content, including exhibitions, video, press releases, artist profiles, and more.

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        • Monthly ongoing customer service: $50/month
          On-call phone and email access to our support team, who can assist you with updating your profile with new images, videos, calendar entries, and more.
        • Copies of the printed edition
          Purchase one or more copies of our 40th Anniversary Edition of the Art in America Guide.