General Questions

Yes, the Guide will be printed as a bonus issue of Art in America in Fall 2020. To ensure your listing is in the print version of the Guide, your listing must be confirmed, updated and paid for by August 31, 2020.

Listing Fields

If you’ve previously listed in the Guide, your description has become the Tagline for your online listing. These Taglines are verified by Art in America to denote that your listing has been reviewed and approved. If Art in America does not approve of your Tagline, we will reach out to the lister in order to amend it.

There is no limit to the amount of artists you can list, but we suggest no more than 30.*

You can upload up to 15 images.

We recommend images around these sizes (all listed are in pixels): 1450 × 1100, 1080 × 608, 1079 × 607, 1080 × 720 and resolution of 72dpi. Important note: images larger than 2500 pixels on any side will not load into the gallery.

Listers can “embed” videos in the content/text section of their listing. To do this, simply visit your YouTube, Vimeo, or similar video hosting website, upload your video to your account, and copy your embed code. The embed code is usually located near your sharing options. All videos should be set to a width of “540px” in order to fit on the page correctly. You can easily edit this in your embed code where it provides a “width” setting. Make sure to adjust the height proportionally (for YouTube and Vimeo, the height ends up adjusting to “304px”).

Any images you upload to the website will automatically have caption numbers right below them on the right side. You can add image caption text in your listing edit form in the field titled “Image Captions”.


Learn more about the Guide’s pricing structure on our Pricing page.

Yes you can. When you’re going through the payment process, you will be given the option to pay by credit card or by check.

Desktop vs Mobile Usage

The Guide site is mobile optimized for an easy mobile experience. There is not an app at this time.

Art in America reserves the right to confirm the validity of artist representation.